Our organization and employees believe strongly in giving back to the community. We are involved in a number of charitable organizations including the BC “Ride to Conquer Cancer” (

Each year we pick a local noteworthy charity and dedicate our time, money and energy to assist. Currently, we are working with The Tigra Foundation:

The Tigra Foundation

The Tigra Charitable Foundation (“Tigra Foundation”) is a public foundation which brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the raising and gifting of funds for the benefit of homeless, injured, abused and orphaned cats and dogs. While we raise money through donations the old fashioned way, we have also developed our own brand of charitable e-commerce.

Our philosophy is to keep our costs low so that nearly every penny of every dollar from our donors goes toward saving dogs and cats that would otherwise not have a chance. To say that we are incredibly passionate about this philosophy would be an understatement. The Tigra Foundation is run exclusively by volunteers and we do not have a single paid employee. Even our accountants and lawyers work for us on a pro bono basis!

The Tigra Foundation is all about positive energy so we tend to highlight things that lift up our spirits when it comes to saving the furry bundles of joy we adore. We trust that you will find some inspiration from our resolve to give a decent life and a voice to those without one.

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about us and how you can become a hero to homeless, injured, abused and orphaned cats and dogs that would not have a chance at a cruelty-free life, or perhaps any life, without you. If you become one of our heroes, you will be in pretty good company. You will be joining a growing list of celebrities, corporations and caring individuals who are already heroes at the Tigra Foundation and we’ll put your profile up right next to theirs in our “Heroes” section!

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